Paradigm shift

  Healing comes from many aspects in life. It’s found in the peaceful beauty of nature, or in company of family and friends. The choices we make; what we eat and how we spend our time, will either support or stand in the way of our health. As simple as it seems, this standpoint extends a foreign … More Paradigm shift

Food For Thought – But Not Without Enzymes!

God created human’s body with many complicated systems that work together in such marvelous harmony. In man’s endless search for knowledge, there is a  tendency to break things down to their simplest form. Unfortunately, with the case of anatomy, answers will not come with such an approach. Built as one unit, our body’s damage to one system means negative effects to all systems. With … More Food For Thought – But Not Without Enzymes!

Getting off Insulin

Stepping into the world of natural health, brought me to one (amongst many) important fact: OUR BODY MAKES AMAZING AND IMPRESSIVE EFFORTS TO HEAL ITSELF. It may sound like a simple statement. An obvious one. Nevertheless, we so often overlook that fact, or don’t have the patience to let it happen, especially when a health situation arises … More Getting off Insulin